Lecture 14: Non-SHA256 Proof-of-Work

Lecture 14: Non-SHA256 Proof-of-Work

Non-SHA256 Proof-of-Work - Progress-freeness - ASIC-resistant (not ASIC-proof) puzzles - Memory-hard puzzles (e.g. Scrypt) - Proof-of-useful-work - Non-outsourceable Puzzles

Bitcoin Fundamentals: Hash Preimage Puzzle

One Cpu, One Vote

A Sick Proof Work

Reducing The Gap

Limiting Factors

A Script

A Bipartite Graph

Storing By Graphs

A Lot Of Electricity

Proof Useful Work


How Useful Is This Work

Primes And Ziotags

Proof Useful Work

Data For Useful Work

Moale: Technical Drawbacks

Satoshi Vision