The Business Of Podcasting With Joe Fier

The Business Of Podcasting With Joe Fier

A Better Way to Watch

Intro To Episode

Welcome Joe Fier! About Joe and His Business

How Did You Get Started With Podcasting?

When Did Business & The Podcast Start Working Together?

Podcasting For Getting Found vs. Building A Relationship With Your Audience

Podcasting As A Business: How To Make Money With Your Podcast

How To Decide On Affiliates, Sponsors, Or Your Own Products

How To Build A Relationship With Your Audience So They Feel Like They're Hanging Out With You

What It's Like To Have A Co-Host

Advice On Choosing A Co-Host

What Does A Business Built Around A Podcast Look Like?

How To Pick Topics For Your Episodes

How To Build Your Email List & Monetize Your Audience With Show Notes

Tips & Tricks: Twitter Ads, Quora, Facebook Groups

Simple Way To Be Efficient And Focused

Tools For Running A Remote Team

Guests vs No Guests?

How To Get Comfortable And Confident Hosting A Show

Getting Guests From Your Network

Key Advice To Take Your Podcast Business To The Next Level

Latest Book Recommendation

How To Design Your Business To Support Your Life

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