Lecture 13: Cryptocurrency and Anonymity

Lecture 13: Cryptocurrency and Anonymity

Cryptocurrency and Anonymity - Anonymity vs Pseudonymity - Deanonymization - Anonymity Sets - Taint analysis - Mixing - Stealth addresses - Coinjoin

Fundamentals: Bitcoin Anonymity

Michael Animus: The Pitch

Bitcoin Privacy

Ethical And Illegal Uses Of Anonymity

Vs. Encryption

Summarizing Bitcoin

Anonymization Of Addresses

A Cicada Strategy

The Anonymity Set

Taint Analysis: Address Reuse

Bitcoin Inputs And Outputs

Transaction: Bitcoin Transaction

Anonymity And Address Reuse

Dna And Innovation

Dna Analysis

Dna On Ization

Improving Anonymity On Bitcoin

The Problem With Bitcoin


Dna Mixing

Privacy Enhancements