Lecture 12: Using Cryptocurrency

Lecture 12: Using Cryptocurrency

Using Cryptocurrency - What does it really mean to “own”/“have” - Cryptocurrency? - Key management - Hot and cold storage - Sharing and splitting keys (multi-sig, threshold)

The Basics Of Bitcoin

Tehnician: Step 4 Add Checksum

Other Cryptocurrencies


The Vanity Address

Wallets And Storage

You Can Create Something In Cold Storage

The Basics Of Paper Wallets

Private Keys

Storing Passphrases In Your Head

The Brain Wall

Hardware Wallets

The Seed Phrase

Generating New Addresses

Hierarchical Deterministic Wallets

Veto Power

Calculating The Key

Do People Need To Have This

K2 Equals N Value

Calculating The Slope

Generating The Secret Key

Risks Of Bitcoin

Ponzi Schemes And Hacking