Online Video For Beginners with George B Thomas

Online Video For Beginners with George B Thomas

A Better Way to Watch

George communicates it uses his hands i can

Cell phone video with the same message to

It creates more of a relationship with your

So you know people just they resonate more

That a webcam can't be a professional camera

Don't even think about it as a camera

But you know

Hey can you write me an article

One two three

I gotta pay attention because he's moving and

Because now i know they're completely educated on

Yeah todd it's funny because this is one

Templates and additional things that you can throw

The template you've got a library and you're

No you got a good video as a

Now my sales team is leveraging that content

It's about brand affinity

I love it real quick last thing before

Heck we've got a personalized one to one

I appreciate that i'm just a guy trying

You always want to get those humans too

Believe it or not todd